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I don't care what anyone else thinks, this is the best idea ever in the entire universe (way better than the lightbulb or air).

We need to have the rest of the Star Wars anthology made into Playstation 2 (or 3) games, much like Revenge of the Sith. I am aware that a really horrible Episode 1 game was made for PS1. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about games with the gameplay of Revenge of the Sith for PS2.

There you have it. Best idea ever. That's it. This thread can probably just be locked now because there will be no need for anyone to comment, unless they want to remark upon my sheer brilliance.

O.k. all joking aside. I really loved the ROTS game for PS2. I really think it would be cool if they made the other Episodes for PS2. I don't have a PS3 yet, but if they made them and put it on a blueray disc, you'd d@mn well better believe that alone would sell more PS3s.

O.k. I'm tired of typing now.

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