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Aap: Listen up, Okoe and his padawan are heading towards us. They are the last jedi left but they were stronger then any jedi of this era. Unfortunately we also are the strongest sith of our time. And you, Blaze, even while you probaly don't realise it, you,re stronger than me at the moment.

Blaze: For real? Well, i did become much stronger last months.

Aap: And don't forget all the tecniques from Korriban we discovered.

Blaze: Yeh, lets fight.

Okoe and his apprentice landed on the planet. They entered the Sith base that looked more like a temple. After walking through a long hallway they entered a big church-like hall. At the other side Darth Aap and -Blaze were waiting.

Okoe: This fight was waiting since we first met. It has to be fought.

Darth Aap: Even if you win. The war has already destroyed half of the galaxy. If i die now, wich i won't, then I know i have avenged the sith.

Okoe: Enough, bring it on.

All 4 drew their lightsabers and the battle begane. Blaze and the Padawan were using a lot of force-jumps from pillar to pillar while trying to chop eachother. The Padawan used Force-push to push a pillar to blaze. Blaze rolled under it to evade it and started using flury attacks at the padawan.
Meanwhile Aap and Okoe were having a fight with alot of lightning and flying enviorment. Then Okoe jumped towards Aap and they started a saber battle.
The Padawan had a hard time blocking/evading Blaze's dual sabers, but managed to do a force push at Blaze. Blaze managed to recover in the air and threw a lightsaber at him. The padawan didn't manage to block it and the saber cut him in the leg (not cut it off, just a burn wound). The padawan fell on the ground, suffering from the wound. But a few seconds later, Okoe managed to hit Darth Aap with a close-to-lethal blow.

Blaze: NOOOOO!! NEVER!!!!

Blaze jumped towards Okoe. In the air he was summoning the memory of his dying parents, his brother, and now seeing his menthor and friend wounded. He created the purest form of anger ever achieved. He landed next to Okoe and force pushed him with greater power than any Sith Lord ever did. Okoe flew to the other side of the hall where he smashed to the wall. He tried hard to stay contious.

Aap to Blaze telepatic: That's it. Use your anger. You can beat him blaze!

Blaze: BRING IT ON!!!!

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