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Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Wars!

That's right, today, May 25th is the 30 year anniversary of the premiere of the first, the original "Star Wars"...

Not "Episode IV: A New Hope" (April 10, 1981)...

Not "The Special Edition" (January 31, 1997)...

But, "Star Wars"! Has it really been that long? I wouldn't even be born for another year and a half from that day, but still!

I plan to watch my DVD (2006) of the theatrical edition tonight... anybody else?

Have fun. I'd post the news but the news poster is broken.

(as if people don't already know, I'm surprised nothing major is being posted on the various Star Wars sites, although I guess they figure everyone is going to just live it up at Celebration 4, though I imagine none of these places will be showing anything but the 2004 special edition).

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