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"Don't I know you from someplace?" the doctor asked as he looked over the clone.
"Name's Alixe." It was procedure for her to undergo a medical, she knew, and she can claim about her face reconstruction to the Rebels.
"I think I remember." The large man stroked at his beard for a moment. "You worked with the Jedi."
"Briefly." Even as a clone she remembered that much from Alixe. "That was a long time ago, and really only with one."
"Aayla Secura." The muscled doctor looked quite pleased with himself. "You protected the Queen of Naboo, as I recall."
"Former queen," the clone corrected, "she was a senator at the time. Shame what happened to her." The doctor turned away from her sincere look.
"Yes," he said slowly, "it was." He seemed distracted, as though he was in another world for a moment.
"There's no future in the past. How's it look?" Her words brought him back to the present.
"Fine. You survived your mission quite well." The doctor gave her an odd look. "Forgive me, but I thought you'd look older."
"Face reconstruction," the clone explained. "Had a run in with some beast."
"Uh hmm." The clone went to get changed into the civillian clothing she was provided. "I'll give you some privacy."
"Thanks." The clone pulled on her pants first, remembering that Alixe had a cybernetic leg and made a note to keep hers covered, then put a call through.
"This is TK-4512, put me through." A moment later her superior came online.
"TK-4512, we hadn't found you down on the planet anywhere."
"First of all Admiral refer to me as Alixe. The Rebels found me before you did and it'll help with the cover." Given that she was cloned after an important member of the Rebellion the high ranking officer wanted to speak with her.
"Yes of course. Now that you've infiltrated their ranks you'll need to provide us with information on their movements."
"The failed mission was to sneak on board a commando passing herself as Mon Mothma," she said, pulling the robes over her. "Me, in a sense. Maybe I could get to her somehow."
"It'd be a huge risk, and even with her dead the Rebellion wouldn't be defeated." The clone pondered this. "We would be most interested in finding the Rebel pilot who blew up the Death Star."
"That shouldn't be too hard." A pause, then, "The Emperor's hand, should I coordinate what I find out with her?"
"How did you know about that?" the Admiral wanted to know.
"One of the Rebels dropped her name." The clone finished tying the sash around herself. "Someone's coming, call me back."
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