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Oblivious to the Nines

I have fallen into the world of OblivionIV-Elder Scrolls and I find myself loaded with quests, contracts and duties as a Fighter's Guild apprentice.

As a knight-like rogue bristling with magika and personality, I often find myself wandering aimlessly, lost in the lush landscape, exploring caves, rivers and lakes.

This is my first time experiencing this place so I'm kinda hooked for now.
I know some of you have played this game and know it well.

What is ectoplasm by the way, and who do I have to con or kill to get it?
I've searched caves and forests.

Most of you PC modders probably can just whip up a program for it but, I've taken the console route and have to search the lands.
For the 360 version, does anyone know where I could find this stuff?
I have gold coin and silver weapons to trade.

I imagine that there's a program for Nirnroots too.
I need them desperately as well. I've searched all the areas around water that I come across, but I still need a few more.

Is there a secret area in which they are abundant?

I truly would appreciate any suggestions you have.


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