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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
What is ectoplasm by the way, and who do I have to con or kill to get it?
I've searched caves and forests.
Ectoplasm is an Alchemy ingredient that is sometimes dropped when you kill Ghosts or Wraiths. You can usually find those in some Ayleid ruins or ruined fortresses that contain undead.

You can probably buy it from some merchants that sell Alchemy components as well, but why waste money when you can get it for free? In particular since you'll more or less drown in Alchemy components after playing for a while if you don't make potions a lot. I've got a couple of chests in my character's home with thousands of them.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I imagine that there's a program for Nirnroots too.
I need them desperately as well. I've searched all the areas around water that I come across, but I still need a few more.
There are roughly 250 Nirnroot plants spread across the world. I wouldn't recommend actively searching for them, but rather just keep your eyes (and ears, they emit a distinctive sound when you're near) open whenever you happen to be traveling or exploring near the coast, lakes, rivers or swamps. They can be found inside some caves and ruins that are partially flooded as well, and a few can be found as potted plants inside buildings. It's a very long-running quest with multiple stages, so it's probably best not to pursue it actively.


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