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The forests of Takashi were dark and foreboding. Some say that it lost its character after Ashira-Li died, others say that they took on the mantle of grief. Either way, it was of no consequence for the lone woman wandering its lonely paths.

Almalexia, a daughter of Aztlan and Princess of the Tribes, knew that she had to keep up the search until she found what she was looking for. The Republic was in trouble for the Droid Imperium was beginning on a rampage of the Outer Rim worlds. As of the last reports, one ship was spotted near Bespin, the gas mining colony. At her own insistence, she volunteered to find the one warrior who could lead them and uphold the honor bound oath of Avalon. As she traveled the forest, her grey-blue eyes missed nothing as she scanned for any signs of life. She felt that she was getting close.

The day began normal enough as Jun-la and Tulre went about their morning chores. After their mother had died, they and their young sister Andromeda took it upon themselves to watch over their father. For the past two years, they had been doing that until Andromeda was requested to head to the Lord Governor's palace to serve as advisor but she still came back often to check upon the old Jedi. It was unspoken but they knew that their father had been devoted to their mother and it crippled him when she died. Still, he lived and helped when he could but spent most of his days wandering the forest or in a deep meditation.
Andros Starlighter, the son of Ashira-Li Starlighter, was the epitome of the Jedi and his people. At the classic height of six feet with lively green eyes, he still looked as he did in his youth. The only difference was that his brown locks were streaked with grey giving him a distinguished appearance. He had come to the Takashi to be alone with his thoughts but his children followed and cared for him and he was grateful. FOr the past two years they had been doing so until today.
When he woke up, he knew that something was different. He sat before the fire in the hut to meditate upon it but the answer hit him like when he realized who his father was. Silently he got up and walked to a chest. From it he pulled a dust covered cloth and carried it back to his sitting place. The bundle in his lap, he carefully unwrapped it to reveal a beautiful katana blade and a long dull grey cylinder object. He gazed at it for some time before whispering softly to himself, "We are called again."

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