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"Here you are... running in search of the Jedi." A mysterious voice said.

"What do you want?" Rueben asked.

"To stop your pathetic attempt, Jedi." The disembodied voice said again.

Rueben frowned. "Listen you witch... you may have had my grandfather, Revan, fooled... but you will never fool me. One day... someone will end your 'teachings,' the Jedi are not easily fooled."

Kriea appeared before Rueben. "This is not over Jedi... I will return, and when I do... you will be the first Jedi I slay."

"Yeah... that's what Marka Ragnos' said to my master... but I still haven't seen him around... besides... the Exile burned your body and never set up a grave for you." Rueben said. "You will not return... I will not allow it."

Rueben opened his eyes... it had only been a dream... he was sprawled out on the floor asleep... sometime during his meditating he had fallen asleep. He rubbed his eyes and walked to the cockpit.

"We are either just now leaving Korriban or we are close to Courscant." Rueben said... looking at the stars streaking across the dark void.
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