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Tj knew what to do he once blwon up a imperil satr destoyer single self.
darth app:come my aprentice join the darkside
tj:yes master

tj: cut darth blazes arms legs off haha fool join the jedi
ke you killed darth blaze.
darth blaze walked out
Tj: what he's a fake then blaze walked in.
tj: dueled him so hard
oke escaped
tj:got in an escape pod
he sensed his sister and brother was alive on tattaoin.
tj; went there and used the force to comuicate with his brother.
tj walked in and found stormtrooper's trying to kill his brother and sister
tj:ran so hard and smashed everything in his path killing stormtroopers officers comandos in the entire room
yj:colapesd on the ground
brother:get tj to a medic he used so much midi chroin cells to save his brother and sister.

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