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Imperial: Ok thats enough time for them to move away the leviathin DEACTIVATE THE SYSTEM THAT YOU KNOW MAKE HOLOGRAPHIC STUFF

Stormtrooper: Im right next to you but yes sir!

*the leviathin reapears in space ready for battle*

Imperial: status report

stormtrooper: Well apparently we have taken heaps of damage on the egines

Imperial: What maniac shoves there soldiers into blasting them selves through the hull of somebody el- that's a great idea

Imperial Pilot: Gulp lm not doing that

Imperial: No we use this ship to go throught it and the ship would still be in a good condition but since where stuck here blast the astroid like as if we mining

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the astroid split in three but you would no notice it unless you have the force or right there at the time*

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