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The birth of the force

The republic has just been formed, hyperdrive was established only a couple of decades ago. Many people from different species are beginning to "feel" things other than from the five main senses.

This is an rpg of how the force and jedi started, so no real sith and darkside, just you know.. be creative...
Post your bio's (not including lightsabers, force powers or jedi class')

I would like you to use this bio sheet:

Main Weapon:
Alt. Weapon:

Here is the bio for my character:

Name: William Gognas
Sex: Male
Class: Martial Artist
Main Weapon: Vibro-Sword
Alt. Weapon: Double bladed Vibro-Sword
Clothes: a cross between atton's ribbed jacket and jedi robes (no cloak attached)
Race: Human
Age: 24

We'll start after 6 more people join, recruitments will be open at all times, after we start the RPG posts not related to the story should be labeled OOC (Out Of Character). During the course of the RPG lightsabers and force powers will come in, although lightsabers will come later. When lightsabers come in they will be of the main 3 colours at first, later on (if the story continues that long) the more unique colours will come in.

No god modding
No Spamming (of course)
Have Fun!

If this RPG has already started please go to

so you can post your bio.


"Everytime you look at the future, The Future Changes. Which Changes Everything" - Nicholas Cage in "NEXT"

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