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Originally Posted by Rogue15
no towels to be found in the apartment and i had to take a shower. so i ended up having to dry myself off with a bed sheet. the next thing i know we'll be out of toilet is running a little low.
Go buy some :P

As for my very bad things, I got one.

First, I got accused of stalking after trying to do a good thing. I was good friends with this girl, and she was having some trouble with roommates, boys, that good stuff. So being a good friend, I got her to see something in her boyfriend and she was all in love again. I found out one day she was having trouble and I thought I should go and visit her, try to make her feel better and all. I read in her away message that she was at a library, so I was going to see her when I got cold feet and decided not to, and I saw her coming so I slipped out of the way. I then emerged from where I was hiding and she was right there (duh). So, I walked her back and talked to her, and then a few days later I tried to talk to her and I was having trouble with another girl (me+women= big mess) and I wanted to talk to her, being my friend. She said no, and that she couldn't ever, so I got pissed and stopped talking to her. Then, I asked her what was going on, and she stopped talking to me. Tried to ask her boyfriend via IMs, and he told me to leave them alone and blocked me. She didn't block me but wouldn't respond, so I left her messages. I finally got a response from a third guy telling me to leave her alone and he wouldn't talk to me or tell me why. When I tried to talk to him again, he blocked me from IMing him, and I got the impression I was stalking her. She eventually did block me too.

A week or so later I wrote her an IM, telling her how I felt, and it was pretty nasty-looking. I then sent her a second, saying I'd give her another chance to talk to me, and if she was afraid of me she could bring whoever, tie my hands, just so we could talk like civil people. Never got a response.

Been 18 months. Haven't heard or seen her again. For the best I think, although I'm going to go back to the chiropractor cuz my back's hurting and her mother works there :S

Proud to be an American.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-Edmund Burke
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