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KOTOR was very good, but I gotta stay true to the Dark Forces series (a.k.a. Jedi Knight series). I just look at the number of games/sequels out there:
  1. Dark Forces
  2. Jedi Knight
  3. Mysteries of the Sith (although technically an expansion for JK, it really was a sequel)
  4. Jedi Outcast
  5. Jedi Academy
I would like to take this opportunity to make a prediction regarding the next Dark Forces series game (I've heard no rumors or anything, this is just my speculation and hopefull wishing):
  • I predict that the next Dark Forces game will be a prequel taking place during the era of the Jedi Purge. The central characters will be Jedi Master Qu Rahn & Morgan Katarn, and will deal with the discovery of the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan.
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