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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
What about those who still cry that Saddam should have been left alone? It would have been amoral not to take action against him.
It would have been perfectly moral to pursue peaceful, political action against Saddam. There were plenty of options of this type.

It was IMMORAL to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, as we did! End of story.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Excuse the double post, since when has America supported the killing of innocents? Can you provide one example of an American approved mission? Just one? Just one time they had set groups such as the Taliban not against the invading Soviet forces but against defenceless civillians? Just one shred of evidence, that's all I'm asking. Some secret docuement, some stolen covert operations profile, anything.
I can give you two examples just off the top of my head, without doing any research.

US direct training of, and massive financial support for the Salvadorian death squads, responsible for the assassinations of civilians and human rights activists in the 1980's... Because the death squads purported to be "anti-communist".

And of course the decades-long US political support of the Suharto regime in Indonesia, a regime that butchered the people of East Timor. The US armed and supported the Suharto regime before, during and after the genocide, once again for oil interests.

Go and google 'em. Most depressing reading.

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