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We tried for a decade peaceful political barganing with Saddam.
No Nancy, we didn't. We starved and bombed the Iraqi people for over a decade, that's what we did. Peaceful negotiation was never employed in any meaningful way.

You suffer from the delusion that Saddam is an innocent party.

Go and get me one single quote where I even IMPLY that Saddam was in any way innocent. You will not find one. End of line.

I did search for them on Google and it says they killed political dissidents, but nowhere does it say that America set them out to kill them.
Well go and search again, because you've clearly missed a whole lotta pages there. The "School of the Americas" was essentially set up to train people to go and kill "commies" or any other ideological enemy of the US government. It's famous for it.

And even if some group is armed to fight, such as Saddam against the Soviets, and they kill innocents, it's deluded to say that the people armed with the weapons are not to blame but America is.
Er... Go and find a post in which I've said that "they're not to blame but America is". I never have.

It's obvious that BOTH the gunman AND the man who armed him are to blame. Therefore, both the US, the UK and Saddam's regime share the blame for the regime's atrocities.

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