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tjke dident do it tj used force mind trick on the rebel .
Rebel Comander:Sorry oke and comander Tj.
oke:thanks for that.
rebel troops were sent to korrabian
tj:Assighed 700 jedi for battle
The jedi lanaded on korrabian another battle had beguin rebels fire fire fire y-wings dropped bombs
Then AT-At's appaerd
Commander skywalker: use your harpoon and cables go for the legs
tj:used the force to blow one up then tj jumped out of the snowspeeder killed the people in it then he used on imperil forces.
Tarkin:An imperil walker is blowing up our reinforcesments!!
then Rebels were winning yes every single rebel came
Imperil die!!!!!!!
Tj:eat this tj crushed up everything using the force.

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