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l know it sucks and about what you said about the galactic overveiw well when it says the sith, then the galactic empire and then the corupt one. Well l dont know what you mean corrupt like if lm the corupt who's the glactic empire and if lm the galactic empire who is the corrupt? And Tj where is luke comming from didn't he gat his head chopped off or somethin

I will continue

Imperial: Man this ship can take 1 mill shots and it still won't die not thats a bad thng it's just that this thing tricks me

(the levithan yet again reapears unarmed)

Imperial: Ah thats better but lm confused on how the rebellion blew half the kithorian fleet away and then suddenly stopped and re-joined lm confused

Stormtrooper: Well they sent a messsage to each other regarding the matter

Imperial: Oh good ok lm ok just made it easier for us to beat them lets fight them

Stormtrooper: Yes sir want to use the secret weapon

Imperial: Sure why not

(the leviathin shot out a beam and it widened and took out all the ships that got in its way)

Imperial: Love to be me he he he

Okoe: What was that!

Imperial: That's what you call fire power Okoe

Okoe: Ahh shoot at them with our secret weapon

Imperial whispers to troops: Get in front of the mon calamari so it will target us but always have the hyperdrive system ready so when they shoot they will not hit us because we already have hyperspaced away but hit Ackbar instead

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

(as he planned it worked and they hyperspaced to coruscant which is a broken place but some people still live there cause they started re-building it)

Rebel pilot commander: You Okoe is going to die cause you just killed ackbar (for those who don't know who ackbar is he is a very well known rebel pilot he pilots his own capital ship with his crew)

Okoe: You stupid imperials!

( the rebel cuts off the line)

The place Blaze is...

Blaze: Ahh those stupid force people they keep doing the wrong thing but at least the empire solved our problem


Back to the imperial...

Imperial: Ok begin repairs

(it's has skipped a few months and the battle at Kore was over and the rebellion and the Kithorians hated each other like they hate the imperials. The battle at Korriban was finished by Aap who killed all of them because he had so much power from the temple around him he did and Tj just made it out alive)

Okoe: Im going to coruscant prepare the fleet where moving out

Kithorian: Yes sir

(the rebels decided to do the same thing)


(the empire were creating ships and had produced 50 extra leviathins which produced there own tie fighters *all classes*)

Okoe: We are going to die!

Rebel Commander: We are definitely going to die!

To be continued...

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