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"General Truth Sir, Turbo Lasers 3 and 7 have been destroyed. Engineering is requesting that the power being forwarded to those turrets be redirected to Deflector Shield Generators 5 and 9." A young Republic officer stated from his station on the bridge of the Brilliant Vigilance.

"Permission granted. Order Bomber Squadrons 1 and 8 to concentrate fire on the Mandolorian Destroyer opening fire on our right flank. Launch Lancer Missile Pods 5 through 12 at Mandolorian Battlecruiser Alpha and concentrate all Turbo Laser fire on the Mandolorian Dreadnought. Reroute all power from the engines to support the Turbo Lasers." Truth ordered all the officers on the bridge as he studied the battle map before him.

He spotted General Jesp, along with one other fighter, heading to intercept a Mandolorian Artillery Frigate and stated "Order Bomber Squadron 6 and Fighter Squadrons 7 through 9 to assist General Jesp."

"Roger that, Sir." Came the reply, and Truth diverted his eyes for a moment from the battle map to see the actual battle.

Laser fire, both red and green, crossed each other to make a fantastic spectacle. Fighters entered deathtrap dog-fights and missiles erupted against the massive hulks of ships. Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts faced off against their equivalents, some going so far as to ram their ships into the enemies rather than lose. And then that was when his own ship rocked.

Many officers who were standing were knocked off their feet, but Truth stood as firm as a tower and asked "What impacted us?"

A shaky officer at his station replied "A Mandolorian boarding party. They must have used an anti-matter charge to get through the hanger bay shields. Decks 10 through 24 are reporting enemy contacts."

"Order the crew to repel boarders. Keep me informed of the space situation, I will be joining the crew in repelling the boarders." Truth said as he pulled his saberstaff from the belt of his combat suit and headed out of the bridge.
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