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Remember, Okoe's still in the Coruscant system facing like 50 Leviathans.

*Okoe got more angry than he had ever been before, then a new force tecnique became open to him because he became even more powerful in the force for a few seconds while he was angry. Okoe's temporary new ability was an ancient force teqnique that allowed him to increase his midichlorians.
Okoe was able to double his midichlorian count before he managed to calm down. So now, besides force-wise he was completely back to normal.
Okoe was able to sence almost everything in all but the farthest systems.
Okoe then lifted his hand and pointed it towards the Leviathans and crushed all of them using the force in a split second*

*Imperial Officer* WHAT THE HE-..........

*Okoe then used the force and gathered every Rebel and Kithoran Alliance ship in the Coruscant system and hyperspaced them to the Korriban system. Then he went to the Airlock of the ship he was on, held his breath and jumped down to Korriban, ready to finish off the blasted Sith once and for all.*

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