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On one of the Mandalorian capital ships, Jedi Padawan Lake Kiel stuck her head around the corner of a corridor to check if it was clear. A sudden barrage of laser blasts streaming toward her told her otherwise, and it was only due to her quick Jedi reflexes that allowed her to duck back unharmed. “Damn.” Her body pressed up flat against the wall, she shot a frustrated look at the Republic marine sergeant beside her. “Assault droids. Two of them.”

“Well, Commander,” he said sarcastically, “so much for a covert boarding. I think it’s safe to say the Mandys know we’re here now.”

“Yes, I’d say that’s a fair assessment, Sergeant,” Lake agreed, as the sergeant motioned for a few of his men to get out their grenades. “But Admiral To’knel said that he wanted to take this ship, so we’re taking this ship. Covertly or not.” She frowned at the grenades his men were readying. “But grenades aren’t what we need right now, Sergeant. I don’t want to take a chance in setting off an explosion that could possibly cause a hull breach.”

Across the corridor, she could see an elevator door. “What we need to do is to get to that elevator so we can reach the bridge.” She paused a moment. “I’ll hold off the droids. You get your men inside that elevator and take them up to the command deck. We can easily reach the bridge from there.”

The sergeant shook his head. “You may be in charge, but it’s my responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on my team. And that includes you, missy! Jedi or not, you can’t destroy two assault droids on your own!”

“I’ve no intention of destroying them. If we destroy them the Mandalorians will just send out more, or worse, send their security troops down here. I’m only going to repel their blasts to allow you and your men to get in that lift.” She peeked around the corner again, and was met again with a barrage of fire. “And don’t worry. I’ll meet you up there. Just get your men to that elevator and up to the command deck.”

The sergeant reluctantly agreed, and motioned his men to get ready to move.

“On my mark,” Lake said. She peeked around the corner once more, and the barrage of laser blasts started again. Now she had figured out the droids' pattern of fire. “One, two….” The blasts ceased. “Three!”

Dropping to a crouch, Lake did a tumbling roll into the corridor, activating her lightsaber as she did so, and came to a defensive stance directly in between her troops and the assault droids--and all in one smooth move. No sooner than the droids’ blasts began again in earnest, she began deflecting them with her blade with moves and flourishes as graceful as a dancer.

Protected from the blasts by keeping behind her, the small squad of marines filed across the corridor, disappearing into the elevator of the Mandalorian Capital ship. When the last marine had boarded, the sergeant called out to her, beckoning her to hurry and come with them.

“I’ll be right behind you!” she shouted over the din of blaster fire as she slowly backed towards the elevator.

The seargent closed the door and the elevator lights indicated that it was going up. Lake positioned herself up near the elevator, and when she was sure that the elevator car was no longer behind the door, she slashed it open. Wielding her lightsaber in her left hand, she reached for the rocket powered grappling hook on her belt, fired it at the bottom of the rising elevator car, then leapt into the shaft. The hook secured itself on the counterweight bracket and she rose up the shaft.

By the time the sergeant had disembarked his troops from the elevator and onto the command deck, Lake had joined him, having disembarked a floor below the marines and taking out the sentry droids as she had made her way to them.

The sergeant shook his head in amazement. “Jedi…,” he mumbled, then to his troops he shouted, “Right men! Forward to the bridge!”

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