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On Board of my flag ship “The Shield IV” In a critical moment we where been heavily fired by 2 Mandalorian ships

"Sir, our shields are in 30%, we can’t hold on for much longer, all our fighters are destroyed"-An experience officer said to me

"Hmmm, there is help on the way, General Jesp Is on the way, I can sense it"- I said

"Sir, We managed to destroy the other mandalorian Ship , We still have One heavy fire in us"-Another Officer said

I studied all in the battle map And saw a week stop on the life support system , but our lasers cant hit there for it is under the ship , only a squadron can do that and since our squadron was destroyed I will be very difficult ,I said ......

"Ok, all heavy fire to the ships bridge!!!, send a message to General Jesp for assistance and backup , If he has a Squadron send him the info of the week spot of the enemy ship" - I ordered

"Yes Sir” The Experience officer replied

"You young officer stay with me"-I ordered

"Yes sir?"-He replied

"Unlock the escape Pods, We don’t know if General Jesp will make it in time, we might not make it."- I said

"Yes Sir, I will do as commanded"-He then run to the main computer and unlocked the Pods , but gave the command to everybody to stay on their positions.

"CJ, you have always been there when I need you , Please make it"-I said

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