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"Red Squadron, we have incoming enemy bombers coming in from heading two-seven-five, please advise."

Caelux 'Lux' Vanas clicked his comm unit. "Red Flight Three copies, Defiant. Moving to intercept. Just try not to shoot any of us down with those big lasers of yours."

"As if, Lux," the Defiant's captain retorted. "May the Force be with You."

"And you," Lux responded, clicking his comm twice, then focusing his attention on the task at hand. Switching over to his Flight's frequency, he said, "Okay boys, we're coming around to heading two-seven-five---"

"Hey now!" an annoyed female voice spoke up.

"Er, yes. Boys and girl," Lux corrected. "My apologies, Red Ten."

"Damn right," was the response, but Lux could hear the amusement in fellow Jedi Anya Bethesda's voice even over the crackling static of the intercom.

Lux rolled his eyes. "Right, so we're coming to heading two-seven-five and intercepting bombers vectoring in for a run on the Defiant. Break off in pairs and try to take them out at range. We'll want to save our torpedoes for the big boys." He heard his flight acknowledge his order as they closed in on their objectives. Ahead were six Mandalorian heavy bombers, their ugly green asymmetric shapes making them easy targets against the explosive backdrop of the battle. "Red Ten, you're my wing."

"I copy, Red Nine," Anya responded, her tone all business now.

"On my mark, break off in pairs and engage," Lux commanded, tightening his grip on the stick, his thumb hovering over the trigger. As the four Jedi Aurek fighters closed within range, the Mandalorian bombers started to go evasive. "Mark!" Lux shouted, banking his fighter towards the two closest bombers, his practiced eyes already picking out the engine emplacements on the enemy ships. Squeezing the trigger, he watched in satisfaction as twin red streaks of light lanced out and burrowed their way into the enemy bomber's exhaust ports. It shuddered from the impact, then was rocked by a terrific explosion that tore it in half. Lux's lips formed a thin line as he nodded almost imperceptibly, acknowledging the death of a fellow starfighter pilot, enemy or not. It always pained him to take lives, as he was a disciple of the living Force, but that did not hinder him from seeing the larger picture. He had joined this battle to fight the Mandalorians, who were sweeping across the galaxy, causing pain and suffering wherever they went.

Lux watched as his wingman vaped her own target, then moved up on his starboard wing. "Good shooting, Ten."

"Thanks, Nine."

Lux's console screamed at him and he jerked his stick hard to port. Green streaks of energy boiled down into the space that his fighter had occupied not seconds before, followed by three Mandalorian starfighters. Lux oriented himself and punched the throttle. "Looks like we've got company."
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