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"No, you think?" Anya answered in return, grinning a bit at her companion's obvioous statement. Gritting her teeth, she followed Lux as he bore to the side, steering to face the new comers.

"Let's show them why they shouldn't run with scissors, shall we?" she said through the comm., and they moved to a new formation. Heading directly for the oncomming fighters, the Jedi pair waited for the last possible moment before impact before Anya angled her fighter up and Lux angled his downward. Both released a stream of fire as they did so, which lanced down the center of both the underside and topside of the fighters. When both were behind the enemy fighters, they switched positions, Lux taking the top and Anya taking the bottom. With another spurt of fire, both Jedi left a blossoming explosion of ship fluid and metal as the ships exploded.

"Hoo-rah." she said, grinning.

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