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Tegan Marr strode through the corridors of a Republic capital ship, moving in solemn silence toward the bridge. She reached the bridge to find another Jedi already there. His name was Korwin Vash and his greatest problem, in Tegan's eyes, was the false assumption that he was the Force's gift to the Republic.

"Vash," Tegan barked. "You were supposed to call me as we entered combat."

"Oh, I'm sorry," the arrogant young Jedi grumbled sarcastically. "I forgot, I'm only a Padawan. I'm supposed to look up to the Knight and Guardian, to call her when things get interesting." He scowled. "Begging your pardon, Marr, but we're equals now."

"Don't you wish..." Tegan muttered. "Look, Vash, if you can't learn to cooperate, I will have you thrown in the brig. Trust me, the crew of this ship will take my word over yours."

"You wouldn't dare!" the man snapped irritably.

"I would if you continue snapping orders about like you're a pin-on-the-collar Admiral of the Fleet!" Tegan shot back. "You're still a young kid, alright? You shouldn't even be here."

"Revan doesn't turn down the youth," the seventeen year old growled.

"My point is you don't have the experience," Tegan sighed. "You've never been in battle before."

"Oh, and you have?" Vash challenged. Tegan's stony expression made the boy frown. "Whatever."

Tegan nodded. "What's our status, Captain?"

"I already have things taken care of here, Marr!" Vash exclaimed. Tegan's eyes remained on the captain of the ship.

"Captain?" she repeated.

"He's got us on a suicide run," the captain answered fearfully. "You give me the command to abort, I'll..."

"Abort!" Tegan exclaimed. Vash growled.

"Press on!" he yelled, drawing his lightsaber.

"Belay that!" Tegan shouted, drawing her own. She called on the Force to knock the captain out of the way of the boy's hazy yellow lightsaber. "Pull back! Focus fire on the flagship. Safe distance!"

"What are you doing?" Vash screamed, lunging at Tegan. She calmly deflected his blow and spun around behind him, knocking his head solidly with the hilt of her saber.

"Saving our lives," she answered as he slumped to the floor, unconscious. She turned to the captain, switching off her lightsaber. "Captain, command of the ship is yours. I need to be sure this idiot doesn't kill us all."

With that she left the bridge, carrying Korwin Vash with her to the brig. There, she would watch over his cell, ensuring he could not use his Force powers to free himself.

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