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CJ’s Fighter and Indigo-6 continued on their path managing to stay off the enemy fighters scopes. They sped at top speed across the battlefield occasionally having to avoid a stray blaster fire or missile. Three fighter and a bomber squadron soon formed up behind the two small vessels.

“General Jesp, we have been ordered by general Truth to assist you.” The commanding officer announced.

“Great squad 7 leader, me and indy-6 could use the help.” Castov informed.

The twenty fighter craft continued on their path to the Mandalorian long-range bombardment ship. It appeared to be concentrating its fire on the The Shield IV one of the Jedi commanded ships in the fleet. The ship was losing shields fast and it wouldn’t hold out too much longer unless Jesp took it don quickly.

“General Jesp, this is the shield four. Do you copy?” An office asked over the comm..

“Reading you loud and clear Shield.” Jesp responded.

”We are under attack from an imperial artillery ship.”

“I’m already on my way to take it down.” Jesp Cheerfully replied.

”We have tactical information on the vessel.” The officer informed. ”We’ve found a weak spot a couple of heavy bombs hit in the right place should start a reaction that’ll destroy the whole thing.

“Where?” CJ asked.

”The secondary exhaust port.” The officer.

“Really?” Castov replied rising his eyebrow thinking that it was a ridiculous suggestion. “O.K I’m on it?”

The Fighters and bombers under Jesp’s command flew at great speed towards the Artillery ship. While travelling Castov had laid out a plan to get the bomber squadron close enough to the exhaust ports after the Mandalorians noticed what was going on.

It didn’t take long for the Mandalorians to send several dog fighters towards Jesp’s taskforce. Castov ordered the three squadrons sent to him by General Truth to split from the group and make sure those Mandalorians didn’t interrupt the bombers. Now it was up to CJ and indigos-6 to protect the Bomber squadron from any other fighters or defensive turrets the Mandalorian ship may have.
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