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A Republic Heavy Cruiser entered the battlefield, opening all gun batteries of other Mandalorian ships which met it's own calerper. Captaining it was Mignola Sapien, or more commonally known as Mike. Mike had chosen to command a small ship which a decent firepower capabilities and ended up with this Cruiser. It's orders was to simply supply firing support, and because of it's firing range, could do so rather well.

"Sir, we have detected 3 bombing fleets heading for the Capitalship Atlantis," Reported the Radar officer
"Engage," Mike replied before moving his hand towards his mask, there was a small button on the side of his mask

If pressing down, the filters in the eyeparts changed to block out all light together, leaving Mike physically blind. He needed it was way so he could allow the force to give him sight. All living objects in his view came clear to him however many unnessiary objects disspeared as Mike began to concentrate on the Capitalship, his own ship and the bombers, this allowed gave him a more stragical view on the battlefield and remained this way untill the cruiser had shot down all the bombers, once that was complete Mike returned his vision to normal and order his ship to continue with their previous objective.

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