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Originally Posted by Heavyarms
So, if we hadn't done all that, you are saying that Saddam's regime would have fallen on its own? I doubt it. He was way too oppressive and cruel for people to try against it.
The huge, insurmountable reason his people couldn't try to overthrow him was that they were crippled by our support of Saddam, then our economic sanctions against the Iraqi people, then our bombings. We made them DEPENDENT on him. End of story.

Originally Posted by Heavyarms
There has not been a case of an extremely repressive regime and the people rebelling against him and it succeeding. Or at least I don't know of one off the top of my head.
Of course there have been cases, many cases in fact. I pointed out two easily memorable ones in the post above yours, so please go back and read more carefully... and then I would advise you to go and learn more about world history from reputable, unbiased sources.

Originally Posted by Heavyarms
I understand your dislike of what we did during the cold war at times. I think we made some mistakes, including supporting Saddam. But we're responsible for what we've done, aren't we?
What do you mean "we're responsible for what we've done"? Since when has ANY US administration taken responsibility for US atrocities committed over the past six decades? Since when has the US provided financial compensation to ANY of its victims at a level proportionate to US crimes?

Nobody's taken responsibility.

Originally Posted by Heavyarms
And I think sanctions are appropriate tools to correct what we've done. I know why you dislike sanctions, and that's ebcause you believe they hurt the people and not the leader. They hurt the leader, trust me. They usually target items that the leaders want, such as weapons and high luxury goods (like the ones that have been placed on North Korea, as well as other ones). Humanitarian aid is given to the people.
Sigh. No Heavy, they DON'T hurt the leader, they HELP the leader. They make the people destitute and dependent upon the leader. We've SEEN it in action. We don't need hypothetical piffle about how it's an "appropriate tool", we've SEEN what it does to innocent people, we've seen it in Iraq. End of.

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