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Originally Posted by Tyrion

Drugs like ecstasy and heroin just let you quit that addiction cold turkey.
Hah, you haven't seen my ex-heroine addicted uncle. Sure, he's off of it, but he's visibly f-cked up... and living with my grandma, he's ****ing 45! (I sense sarcasm, but I'm rolling with it anyway.)

Anyway, my philosophy on stuff like drugs is that if I did any of that stuff I'd see myself as a complete retard. I mean, I think that if I did anything that could harm me purposefully (whether a little or a lot) would be the largest mistake f-ck-up I could ever do.

If I do any drugs or anything. It'd probably be cigarettes. I don't know why; but I have a feeling I might just want those some day, yeah- hypocritical of me, but it's a sad exception. Also, I'm going to laugh my ass off if anyone tells me about lung cancer then says it's fine to do LSD and a little ecstasy in the same breath.

So I'm on Ave's side, just not as cheesy a way, though. I'm already ****ed-up enough in normal ways, last thing I need is an expensive and illegal addiction. :\

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