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"Ha-ha Cj always there"- I acclimated

"Full power, let’s move soldiers!! Take does Cannons and shoot at the engine, Lasers at the bridge, Let’s take them down!"- I said trying to encourage my soldiers.

"Sir, the engineers are trying to stable the force of the shields"-my officer said.

"Good, lock does escape pods , we wont be leaving this ship"- I ordered.

"Yes, Sir"-The officer did as commanded and locked the escape pods in the main computer.

“Sir, Shields 50% and upraising”-The Officer said.

“Good , take some utility droids to help there, I’ll send my personal utility droid to help , T3-H8 help assist the engineers”-I commanded.

“Poow, Doow”-T3-H8 responded.

“Good, now go help”-I said as he was leaving to help the engineers.

"Sir, our cannons have managed to destroy their communications"-A soldier informed me

“Good, how much time until they’re engines is destroyed?”-I asked

“They are damaged at 68%, In 2 or 3 minutes more they will explode”-The Officer responded.

“They’re shields are down sir , and our shields are at 74%”-The bridge engineer specialist said.

“T3 keep it up”-I said by comlink.

“Deew”-T3-H8 responded.

“Sir, the mandalorian ship is now immobile”-The officer said

"Good, now let's move to help other ship’s, General Jesp can take care of the rest" - I responded

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