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Bah, my comp is now a piece of crud now. My microphone broke, and I supposedly have a virus, my computer lags and makes electrical sounds, so I'm afraid it's going to break. Again. I used to be a straight A student, but my grades are starting to slip to B+'s. Even though it still means I'm on the honor roll, I get made fun-of by kids who get worser grades. I am smart, but I find it harder to learn and concentrate. Oh- and another bad thing- I have a feeling my dad is spying on me, he is always getting out of his office [He's a CPA, he works at home.] 10 times a day to walk up and down the steps. He will sometimes open the door, give me a stare, and close it. WEIRD! Oh yeah- I had to quit my mod for Empire at War, Attack of the Clones, the staff kept making fun off me and fooled around with my account.

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