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The rebel fleet's hyperspaced in korribian then a battle had bugin.
Stormtrooper:What is that kid
Imperil Commandder:He's a jedi doffus
Stormtrooper:We have no guns
Imp comander: oh god
TJ:kills them using is lightsaber attack
then tj jumped up to an imperil fleet.
And said join the rebelion then the fleet was confused.
Then all sith poped out oh no the imperil had drunken too much rum borfore battle
and fought the sith were jedi fire at them guys with red saber's
Sith:Oh God then the sith was destroyed. Rebels raided the tempel and so did the remaing jedi and stormtroopers. Stormtroopers are confused.
then the imperil flett blew it up.
tj:Eat that

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