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"Flying is for droids," Pallas muttered as she clambered out of her starfighter. Landing it in the middle of a firefight had not been the easiest thing to do and now she was squarely in the middle of the fray. The Mandalorian boarding party had breached the hangar bay and were pushing forward towards the Republic defense line. She had swooped in with her fighter and taken out as many as she could, but the Mandalorians were quick to take out their shoulder mounted rockets and target her craft with them. It had taken some slick manuvering, but she'd managed to land it behind the Republic line with only half the nose section blasted off. She wrinkled her own nose at it as she dropped to the floor and shed her heavy outer cloak, revealing her dark Jedi tunic and leggings.

Unclipping her lightsaber, she strode to where a grizzled Republic officer stood, shouting orders at his soldiers. "Commander Assant," she addressed him, reading his name tag. "Where do you need assistance?"

The tall soldier stopped barking orders long enough to look the white-haired Jedi woman over. "Everywhere," he finally replied, his voice heavy with stress. "I was hopin' you'd bring more of your friends with you."

Pallas shook her head curtly. "That distress signal you put out should draw more Jedi here, but right now, I'm all you've got."

Commander Assant nodded and turned back to the firefight. The Mandalorians were slowly but surely pushing forward, using their superior tactics and weaponry to systematically overwhelm the Republic defenders. "They'll overrun us soon if we don't do something."

"Right," Pallas acknowledged, coming up to stand next to Assant. "Please form up a fire team for me, Commander," she said after a few moments of studying the battle.

Assant looked at her askance, then nodded to one of his lieutenants. "What do you plan to do?" he asked as soldiers began to form up behind them.

"Buy us all some more time," she replied, turning around to look at her new subordinates. True to his word, the commander had formed a fire team of five soldiers, no more, no less. She nodded to them and gestured for them to follow her. She led them down towards the front lines and found cover behind a large cargo container. "Lieutenant," she called out to the senior ranking soldier in her team.

"Yes ma'am," the lieutenant responded, his youthful face set into a hardened expression.

"We're going to flank the Mandalorian front line from the right, then move our way across. I will lead the way, you provide suppressive fire. That should give Commander Assant enough of a respite to push forward." She looked at him. "I hope he's one to take the initiative."

The young soldier nodded. "He is, ma'am."

"Good." Pallas thumbed her lightsaber on, the brilliant argent blade boiling out with the familiar snap-hiss accompanying it. "Then let's get to work," she said as she moved from behind the container and put action to words.
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