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A young Mandolorian commander bristled with pride as reports came in about his troop's advances into the ship. The enemies weak resistance were no match for Mandolorian tactics and fire power. His own temporary command post was in the hanger in which they had come in through. He could see himself getting promoted for the capture of this vessel, and possibly even-

"Sir, we've lost contact with Sierra Platoon." a communications officer said.

Great. No need to panic though, it was probably just a communications failure.

"Get them back on the-" The Commander began to order, but was cut off by another officer.

"Sir, we've lost contact with Alpha Platoon."

"It must be-"

"Sir we've lost contact with Bravo and Delta Platoons."

"Damn it, get me in contact with-"

"Sir, Oscar Platoon is reporting heavy enemy fire from enemy troops wearing black armor. It is also reporting that it's sister platoon, Sierra, has experienced depressurization in their area, resulting in sudden death."

The commander's eyes widened he heard the hiss of a lightsaber snap into existence behind him. And they were still open as his head fell to the ground, watching a slaughter come upon the rest of his command post.
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