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Okoe entered the Sith academy and walked into a big, empty room. The door behind him shut and at the other side of the room there was Darth Aap with his lightsaber in his hand.

Darth Aap: I was expecting you. This room is modified with the force. Only I can unlock the door and it will also unlock if I die. That way only one will leave alive, and we won't have any interfearance like last time.

Okoe: Fine by me. But first, how did you knew I was coming.

Darth Aap: I senced it from all across the galaxy. The explosion of anger. The massive energy. You learned Angerrage didn't you.

Okoe: I did

Darth Aap: It's a dark force power only used by those strong in the darkside. You're becoming a dark jedi my friend. You can't deny it. I know this wasn't the first time you combined your anger with the force.

Okoe: I will never fall to the darkside.

Darth Aap: We'll see. Lets end this.

Darth Aap and Okoe started Duelling. The duel was very intense and was faster then the duel of Anakin and Obi.
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