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Lake and the group of marines began to make their way to the bridge. They had encountered some droids, which had been little trouble for the marines’ blasters or the Jedi’s lightsaber, but now, as the closed in on the bridge, they had encountered actual Mandalorian soldiers.

The Republic marines had taken up positions just off the main corridor that led to the bridge. The Mandalorians’ armour was top notch—difficult, if not impossible, to penetrate with ordinary blaster fire.

“Sergeant?” Lake called to him over the sounds of blaster fire from both sides. “Now would be a good time to use those grenades. Knock out as many Mandys as we can, and rush the rest in the confusion. We might suffer casualties, but we have to secure that bridge.”

“Already on it,” the sergeant replied. He motioned to some of his men, and they hurled heavy concussion grenades down the corridor at the Mandalorian forces.

No sooner than they had gone off, the sergeant yelled, “For the Republic!” and he and Lake charged forward leading the marines to charge the Mandalorian line. Blasters were quickly replaced with vibroblades in the close quarter battle that followed, and the fighting was fierce and bloody on both sides.

Lake slashed away with her lightsaber, hacking against the energy shields of her opponents until she could slice through the Mandalorian armour. She enjoyed face to face combat and relished good opponents, but now was not the time to practice her skills or to show off. She was fighting to win.

Finally, the last of the Mandalorians fell, and she and her marines had a clear shot to the bridge doors.

“Get those charges planted and get that blast door open, now!” the sergeant barked to his troops.

“I’ll get it open,” Lake said, and she stabbed her lightsaber into the middle of the door. It began to glow as the lock mechanism melted. It didn’t take long for the lock to fail and the door slid open.

The bridge crew were expecting them, as Lake knew they would be. In a second she had dispatched the two assault droids placed at each side of the door, while the marines rushed through on to the bridge yelling battle cries.

In another minute, the last Mandalorian, the captain of the Acadia Raider, fell to the floor—dead from a lightsaber strike through the heart.

“Get someone to take the helm, and someone on the comm,” Lake ordered the sergeant, while she sat down herself at the security station. “I’m putting the rest of the ship on emergency lockdown. If they’ve got any other troops on board, they won’t have an easy time getting up here.”

Finished with her task, she moved over to the nav station. “Now, let’s see where we are and who’s where out there.”

The sergeant snorted. “Planning to do some friendly fire?” he asked with anticipation.

Lake shook her head as she studied the nav panel. “Nope.”

The sergeant frowned.

“Planning to cause a traffic jam,” Lake said, grinning slightly. She turned to the marine on the comm. “Give me the comm control over here.” The marine punched some keys and then nodded. Lake cleared her throat. “Acadia Raider to Blacksilver. Please proceed to co-ordinates 43-12-87 for regrouping and await further orders. Acadia Raider, out.” There was silence for a moment, then a reply. “Blacksilver copy. 43-12-87. Proceeding.”

“That was easy,” Lake commented. She proceeded to contact several other ships, ordering them to proceed to the same co-ordinates, or co-ordinates nearby, thus causing a sort of traffic jam in space.

“Now, let’s see if we can render some assistance to our ships.” She nodded to one of the marines. “You, take weps. See if you can target some of those artillery ships.” She looked down at the nav station. “But be careful. Some of our own guys are out there.”

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