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Personaly I'm a fan of the OT but find the PT lacking. The thing is, most people saw the OT and know how it'll end.
PT should've been carefully thought up, since its easy to make it dull and uninteresting. The PT's timetable is its own worse enemy. It's inadequate and a bit dull (I really saw no need to introduce young Anakin for the entire movie, the first half was more than enough, not to mention that jarjar "character") you could almost squeeze all the EpI and 1st half of Ep2 in one movie storiewise, 2nd half of Ep2 and 1st half Ep3 in another and actually make Anakin's fall to the dark side and the destruction of the entire Jedi Order something worth seeing instead of shoot, miss, hit, your dead. In under 10 minutes the Order ceases to exist and some characters had a really poor and underated death.
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