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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Not with NWN2. That spells harm you and your companions in the higher difficulty options frustrated me too much to use them.
Sounds like increased combat challenge to me. He didn't specify what form the challenge would take. Perhaps they'll implement it properly this time though so some spells don't turn into suicide abilities no matter how you used them.

Self-harmful spells if done right are not necessarily a bad thing. In the Baldur's Gate series of games you and your party took damage from your own indiscriminant AoE spells as well, requiring mages to be deployed carefully and use the proper protections. Some AoE spells would only harm hostiles. This was an important factor to keep in mind when planning battle tactics. In general combat was harder, more tactical and less straightforward in those older games. Perhaps they plan to reintroduce some of those elements, what with all the talk of being spiritual successor to older games?
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