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Are you just trolling now? You've stated that I accused you of "going looking for fights". I never stated this, and you've failed to provide a quotation in which I've stated this. Because there is no such quote.

The facts remain unchanged: You've stated clearly that you would hit people for merely verbally offending you (and send them to hospital no less) and that you support others doing the same.

You've spent the entire thread scrabbling around looking for reasons to justify this amoral stance and make it seem moral... and you've failed in this respect.

Having failed in this respect, you've spent the past few posts:

1. declaring by fiat that you've won the debate because I was the first person to mention Hitler... except that I wasn't the first person to mention Hitler.

2. posting random quotations of mine, declaring that they prove your case (which they do not).

In short,.. I really don't know what to say, Nancy. This is no way to debate a topic logically.

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