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Still the suggestion would imply, if not looking for a fight then that I'd have to know how to hit someone, therefore knowing how to fight and by taking such an action, I would have to know how to fight in any case.
Sigh... No Nancy, you're wrong again. The fact that you're on the internet ADVOCATING violence does not mean you're capable of committing violence with any degree of efficiency in the real world. I hope that's clear enough for you, because I'm really not going to bother repeating it or addressing ANY further nonsense of this type.

Anyway, using that logic, Palestinion terrorists bombing Israel arn't looking to kill Jews, just drive them from their land. September 11 wasn't killing Americans, it was forcing their affairs out of the Middle East. War in Iraq wasn't to take their oil, it was to remove Saddam Hussein.
... What? Sheer, unadulterated drivel.

All three examples are PERFECT examples of immoral, unjustified escalation to violence... which is exactly what you've been advocating throughout this thread.

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