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"Tell me the situation, Captain," Tegan ordered, returning to the bridge.

"It's looking better and better," the man answered. "Covert infiltration succeeded on the Acadia Raider. Republic controlled now. In addition to that, under orders from that ship, several other Mandalorian ships are on a collision course for the same location... nice little traffic jam there."

"Good," Tegan murmured. "How are we holding up?"

"Shields holding decently," the captain replied. "Ninety-seven percent and holding."

"Excellent," Tegan said. "Be prepared at a moment's notice to defend the Acadia Raider. At any moment, the Mandalorians will discover she's no longer their ship. We're closest to her, so we're best suited to cover her retreat."

"Yes ma'am," the captain agreed. "How's your young friend?"

"He's meditating on his actions and emotions," Tegan answered. She frowned. "I don't mean to seem surprised or anything but..." She looked to the captain with a rather surprised look on her face. "... I think I just took him as my apprentice..."

The captain laughed. "I'm not to be a judge of that, Jedi Marr. But if you want my opinion, I think you're just the one to whip a bit of sense into that kid."

Tegan smiled. "Thank you, Captain. Carry on."

And with that, the captain returned to issuing orders and Tegan pulled back to observe.

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