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Thats it.
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Bad thing: My hours have been cut to 8 hours a week for my job. Thats around 60 bucks a week. It sucks. and I hate management. They cut back everyones hours

Bad thing: I tore my left bicep at the gym and its quite painful

Bad thing: I have little to no money left. I spend it all over the weekends.

Bad thing: Its getting way too damn hot out

Good thing: At least its not freezing cold

Good thing: My lovely habit of inhaling some various substance that contains a rather fascinating chemical known as THC has more or less come to an end. What can I say, the novelty wore off. I'd also like to mention that half the things you're told it does to you are infact, bull****. Not that i'm advertising for the stuff. It has slightly made my lungs worse for weather but i'm not too worried about it since i'm pretty active/healthy/in shape anyway. Now for my obligatory anti-drug message: Drugs are bad. thank you.

Bad thing: One of my best friends might possibly have a brain tumor which significantly shortens the length of his life. I really hope he doesn't.

Bad thing: My computers are fairly way out of date but i dont really care that much since i havent played a game in at least a month maybe.

Good thing: I spend lots of time outside.

Bad thing: I dont go to my math class anymore. Theres no real point.

Good thing: Since i dont go to my math class i just go to the gym earlier.

Yeah. thats about it. I think.

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