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Lux pulled his control stick hard to the left while chopping back on the throttle. This caused his fighter to execute a hard and precise 180-degree change in direction. He could feel the metal of his fighter scream as he pushed it to its limits with his manuvering. Punching the throttle forward, he was driven back into his seat by the acceleration as his fighter zipped towards the fray.

Juking and jinking, Lux wove his fighter through the dogfight, two Mandalorian starfighters still on his tail. Squeezing a shot off at an enemy bomber, he heard his console scream again and sent his fighter into a spin just as the bogeys on his tail opened fire on him. Pulling the stick to the right and back, he snap-rolled to starboard, then sent his fighter into an upward trajectory. He diverted power from his front shields to the engines, giving him a little boost in acceleration and putting some distance between himself and his pursuers. After a few moments, he reversed shields and executed another U-turn, orienting himself towards the now oncoming Mandalorian fighters. Let's see if they like playing Chicken, Lux thought grimly as he goosed his fighter forward, watching the distance readout between him and his targets rapidly decrease. As soon as they came within range, he squeezed the trigger and opened fire on the Mandalorian craft. He watched as his lasers chewed up both fighters, causing one to explode and the other to drift off to the side, disabled. He had little time to savor his victory, however, since he had not escaped unscathed. Alarms were going off, indicating serious damage to his fighter.

"Damn," he muttered, punching up a system readout. He'd lost his port engine and laser cannon and was trailing hydraulic fluid from his wing. "Not good," he swore as he brought up his comm. "Red Ten, this is Red Nine. I've been hit."

"I copy, Nine. Coming to your assistance as soon as I can," Anya's voice was controlled, but Lux could sense his friend's concern.

"Take it easy, Anya," he told her, just as his console flashed again. "Oh, what now..." he exhaled, bringing up the alert. A distress signal? he thought. It seemed to be coming from one of the Republic capital ships. Well, that's as good a place as any to land. He hit his comm again. "Ten, I'm coming up on coordinates six-eight-three-five. There's a distress signal coming from a Republic ship there. Gonna see if I can land myself on it."

"That's crazy, Lux," Anya replied, sounding a bit more strained. "Your fighter's in no state to manage that."

"It's better than sitting out here waiting to get vaped," Lux retorted, firing up his manuvering thrusters and orienting his damaged snubfighter towards the Republic ship.
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