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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
I never advocate murder, to say nothing of the mass murder indicated above.
Perhaps you have not explicitly advocated murder, but you have advocated the use of violence as an acceptable response to mere words. Although, you have quite nearly advocated murder...
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
I know that if someone called me a whore they'd end up in the hospital, if they're lucky.
At the very least you are advocating the use of severely damaging attacks on another person simply for the utterance of the word whore.

If it is acceptable to put a man in the hospital for the term whore, why would it not be reasonable to escalate the violence to a higher level for more insulting terms? Certainly racial slurs and epithets are more emotionally damaging than whore, so by your reasoning shouldn't the physical response emulate the proper amount of escalation?

It shouldn't, actually, because physical violence in response to verbal abuse is not morally justifiable. At all.

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