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Um Tj l did not even end up being at korriban so l dont know here lm comming from because it was a request for me to answer and not your which l will do so now...

Stormtrooper: Sir we have a transmission from the sith should we let it through

Imperial: Sure probably like help help help me me me l need heaps of help

*the video plays through*

Imperial: Send them back a reply l will say it's record...
Dear Sith,
We have noticed you are interested in joining us.
We say ok but we will be keeping you on a very short leash if yuo do something that goes against us or something stupid that you do or etc. we will attack you straight away but we except.

From head imperial moff malra (l have decided to give him a name this is my character)

*darth aap got the message and the beeping made him consious*

Darth Aap: Ahh... WHAT! what happened to my sith temple

Darth Blaze: You got crushed underneath its ruble but we dug you back out

Darth Aap: Wheres the jedi and the rebels

Darth Blaze: They left you to die

Darth Aap: Ahh... well l will meditate in Marka Ragnos's tomb tell me when you have news via with the force

Darth Blaze: ok master and also we have students should we start teaching them in the force

Darth Aap: Yes, how many are there?

Darth Blaze: There is 53 of them master

Darth Aap: Ahh... that's my apprentice l will head off now

*Darth Aap leaves Darth Blaze and goes to the tomb while Darth Blaze begins teaching the students in the ways of the force*

Imperial: Um sir there's been a problem at coruscant

Moff Marla: What has gone wrong

Imperial: All our leviathis have been destroyed

Moff Marla: What oh it's probably there disapering acts you should disbable that ability

Imperial: we shouldn't

Moff Marla: Fine don't do that it's just enoying thats all

*all the leviatins reapear*

Moff Marla: That's better
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