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Darth Blaze was training the Sith Adepts and for some reason it wasn't going too fast. They just weren't motivated enough. So Darth Blaze decided to take them for a little trip in wich he demonstrated the power of the force. They secretly landed on a planet with a Serenity ship in orbit.

Darth Blaze: Ok check out what the power of the dark side can do.

Darth Blaze used Master Angerrage. He fully focussed and used an awesome force pull on the Serenity, slowly pulling him down to the planet.

Kithoran Officer: What the hell is happening. Is there something wrong with the engine?

Pilot: Nope, they are working perfectly. Something is pulling us down. Perhaps a strong gravity?

Kithoran Officer: Could be

Blaze pulled it closer and closer until it crashed to the planets surface.

Dark Side Adept: Awesome.

Darth Blaze: And anyone can learn that. Lets get back to the academy.
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