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Nice goin guys! It's very helpful (the ones I can comprehend that is) but I still got the same problem as wurzelp****(sorry) which is headless pc. I only messed with the 'appearance.2da' and some .rim files up until now anyway and I need a help on a few things.

1. I've checked all (If I'm remembering it correctly) the .rim and .mod in /data and I found that only a few names has all extensions required in the same name (the 'h_*'s and 'n_*'s in .mdl, .mdx, and .txb) and DAMN I forgot to note them down (and DAMN I can't even find any .erf files). I think there's got to be something/file that configures or lists which head use which body or vice versa. Can anyone help me on this please?

2. I was wondering if it's possible for stoffe's 'tsl patcher' to be used as 'je patcher' instead. Both games uses the same system right?

3. If I wanted to create my own pc, then I'm gonna need all those .mdl, .mdx, and .txb pairs (and maybe the answer to my 1st question too) right? I've found the .tga to .txb converter but I can't find anything to edit the .mdl's and .mdx's. I don't know if 3ds Max or Maya (I only know those two) will do but I do know that I don't have enough free space for neither one of them. Any software (though I'd prefer freeware) suggestion?

Thanks for noticing a noob.
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