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Whew, and I thought it was just me...
I haven't gotten much sleep at all since I've delved into this world. I've got a thousand E-mails, my voicemail is full, I've got laundry stacked to the ceiling and my grass is calf high.
As I'm driving to work, I'm trying to identify local plant-life.

I bumped my head yesterday and I could swear I heard the call of the Nirnroot. During conversations, I'll be answering questions and nodding my head but, I'm really thinking of my next quest and what I should take with me. I dislike being over-encumbered when I find something I need.

I've been busy exploring.
The lush and vibrant landscape is jawdropping sometimes. The vastness of this world is breath taking and is only surpassed by the incredible attention to detail.

Stoffe, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
I love this world. I can't believe I've missed out on this before. I can tell I'm just beginning. There's so much to do.

Thanks for the tip Venom750, I'll keep that in mind. Never have too much coin.
Thanks Stoffe, I haven't got a house yet. I really just started making decent cash. I've made quite a bit, but I've spent most of it on training. I did have an expensive run in with the law as well. I guess I had to find out how the legal system worked sooner or later.

ChAiNz, thanks for the move. I apologize for the error. I've got a bottle of mead, for the trouble. Thanks for the tips.

mimartin, I was on my way to do the quest in Anvil but, as usual I got sidetracked. Dive Rock huh? Not yet. What town is it near? I'll do the searching. I've heard of ectoplasm before. Ghostbusters I think, but I wanted to be sure. Muchos Gracias.

stingerhs, I haven't downloaded those yet. I really just started. But, I've read something in gamepro of Shivering Isles. I'll definately be checking those out in time.

I heard there's trouble down in Kvatch. Think I'll go check it out.

...wish me luck.


The Starbuck's in Bowerstone has Percolated Java Macchiatos.

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