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S202A gave a nod to the lieutenant as she gave him the go ahead, and he veered off as the lieutenant commanded her men to push towards the mountain with due speed.

The Gun Sargeant reached a small clearing as he hobble ran towards an uplift in the terrain, givving him a vantage point above even the trees.

As he reached the peek he could feel a vibration, then when he looked over, he saw one of the goliaths stumbling and falling.

The other slowed down, this was his opportunity, he upraised his rifle, flicking a small switch a red beam of concentrated energy flickered on, using his scope, he could see the small pin-prick resting on the still standing goliath's skin.

S202A knelt down to keep himself steady while he reached back with one arm and methodically pressed a few buttons on his pack. He then spoke outloud into his E-Comm unit, "all units, prepare for missile override, any within the area, leave immediately, rendevous at the mountain region, Shade-202-Alpha, over and out."

He then continued to press a few more buttons on his pack, a second later a clicking noise was heard, and then his emergency radio pack kicked in, S202A patching the message in to all the others in his group so they could hear and know.

What was heard was a cool, femanine, semi-artificial voice that spoke calmly through the E-Comm, which broadcasted to all of his squad's comms. "Silo open, launch detected, heavy damage, imminent," the voice said, before the whole broadcast was shut off.

S202A kept holding his rifle in a steady position, keeping it aimed at the goliaths as they were geating themselves oragnised again, so they could get moving once more.

After an unknown amount of time, and a long time of held baited breath, S202A flicked the targeting beam off, pushing himself up to stand. To most it seemed he had given up, and had stopped targeting, but that wasn't so, he was simple waiting, no amount of targeting would help at this period of the launch.

S202A's pack began beeping rapidly, until it was no longer a beep, but a long squall of noise. He looked up, as the goliaths had finally begun moving, he saw it, the missile came streaking from the clouds, straight down, the goliaths were getting slightly ahead of it's impact spot, but that wouldn't matter, they were slow, they wouldn't make it.

The missile soared down, until it came down with great speed, but before it got below the tree-tops the whole scene seemed to go in slow motion for S202A, and he marveled in the sight, a smile spreading across his masked and goggled face. Then in a flash the missile hit, a gush of wind and energy from the impact surging outwards, S202A could feel it buckle the upraised cliff he was on.

A firey stream of hot energy and fire billowed outward and upwards, the goliaths getting caught in the mess, one's back burst into flames, it let out a ear splitting cry, before it thrashed about, and then fell, burned to death in moments.

The other, closer to the impact was nearly entirely insinerated, it's remains falling to the ground. The Brieder scouts in the region stood less of a chance than the goliaths, while the forest in a large radious around the impact was literally flattened, the trees outside of this flatening area were burning, the trees outside of that area lacked leaves due to the gust of impact energy, and the fires would eventually spread to them.

S202A was barely ouside of the damage radious, as he stood adoring the sight, his body glowing with hot orange and red colors from the firey billowing mushroom cloud that still rose up from the ground in the not-so-far distance.

His last missileoverride, he would remember it until his inevitable retirement. He waited as the fire began to fade from the cloud, then the cloud begn to dissipate before turning around and walking off to go find his squadron at the mountains.

((Sorry if I went too far too fast, but I just want to get everything my character saw out in one post.))

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