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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Using that logic the insinuation that I go looking for fights is rather clear no matter how much it's denied. It'd be the same as if I called you a rock spider, I wouldn't likely be referring to the archanid.
No. It is not clear, because it is not there. At all. There is a VERY clear distinction between "going out looking for fights" and "wanting to react violently to words". Nowhere did Spider Al insinuate that you likely frequent bars with drunk construction workers or some other such in an effort to have someone verbally offend you so that you can knock their block off. He merely stated that based on the position you have taken it seems likely that you would rather react to harsh words with fists than reason.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Without going into it being the worst thing you can call a woman
Please. I can think of MUCH worse things to say to a woman.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
to save going over all this BS again I retract my statement that such actions are justified. With that said no one's been able to prove to me that they have the right to upset others and those who try to do so should not only expect a reaction similar to mine they would when all's said and done deserve it.
First of all, nobody is ever able to prove anything to you in the history of the Senate Chambers. (Or any other debating platform I would imagine). The fact is, that despite what illusions you may have about the nature of these debates, it's not really a competition where one party is trying desperately to "win" and bring the other to their side. And even if we were, we would never, ever succeed because most people on both sides of any given debate feel quite strongly in most situations that their arguments are obviously better and more reasonable.

Secondly, in your first sentence you "retract your statement" about the justifiability of violent response to verbal comments, and in the very next sentence state that people who have violence committed against them for the things they say deserve it? It doesn't take any logical leaps to state that it is clearly justifiable to give somebody something which they deserve, and therefore you have contradicted yourself in the span of two sentences.

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