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Originally Posted by CLONECOMMANDER501
I have a feeling my dad is spying on me, he is always getting out of his office [He's a CPA, he works at home.] 10 times a day to walk up and down the steps. He will sometimes open the door, give me a stare, and close it. WEIRD!
Well, either think of anything that you've done lately that could be considered bad. Does he know about it?

Or, maybe he just read an article on internet porn or something. In that case rename and hide everything, delete your history, and uhhh... I dunno...

Originally Posted by Anthony
errr...8 hours of work total per week. which is $7.50 CAN an hour.
$7.50 CAD = $7.00 USD

I make $8.03 and hour, so I win. :V

Also, Ant. Since it seems like you've lost interest in anything technical, got any ideas for a career? Not much longer until college you know...

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